There are lots of different hazards in New Zealand. Find out about other hazards and who manages them.


Various agencies work together to manage emergencies and keep people safe. The agency leading the response will depend on the type of hazard or emergency.  

The Ministry of Health is the lead agency for planning for and responding to pandemics in New Zealand. 

A pandemic happens when a virus spreads quickly and affects a country or many countries around the world. When this happens, many of us can become very sick. 

Fire and Emergency New Zealand is the lead agency for hazardous substance emergencies and is responsible for fire prevention, response and suppression. 

Fires can be sparked by human activity. For example camp fires escaping, fireworks, or rubbish fires, bonfires or rural burn-offs getting out of control. Car accidents, arcing or fallen power lines are also common causes of fires. As well as sparks from lawnmowers or cigarette butts. 

A hazardous substance means any product or chemical that has properties that are explosive, flammable, oxidising, corrosive, or toxic to the environment. 

The Ministry of Primary Industries is responsible for classifying droughts and leading New Zealand’s biosecurity and food safety systems. This includes responses to the outbreak of animal and plant pests and diseases. 

If your area is experiencing a drought you can contact your local council for more information. 

A drought is caused by a lack of water in an area and can affect water usage and increase fire risk. 

New Zealand Police assist in various emergency management and national security situations. They are responsible for law enforcement and crime prevention. They also help maintain public safety. 

New Zealand is a relatively safe place but we are not crime free. It is important you take precautions to look after yourself.