Make a plan with your family/flatmates/friends to get through an emergency. Think about the things you need every day and work out what you would do if you didn’t have them. 

Fill in the form then print it out, stick it on the fridge and make sure everyone knows the plan. Or save it as a PDF and email it to your family/flatmates/friends.

Before you start

Make sure you have considered all the needs of your household including:

Babies and young children

People with special requirements

Pets and other animals

My Household Plan

Who is this plan for?

Household members
Does anyone have special requirements?

Will anyone in your household need assistance to evacuate, or while stuck at home during an emergency? Does anyone rely on mobility or medical devices or other special equipment? Does anyone rely on prescription medicine? Do they have supplies to last three days or more or alternatives if power is not available?

{{ field.item }}
Any babies or young children?

Do you have nappies, formula, etc. to last three days or more if shops and roads are closed? Do you have supplies in a grab bag in case you need to leave in a hurry as well?

{{ field.item }}
Any pets?

Your animals are your responsibility, so make sure you include them in your emergency planning. Do you have food and water to last three days or more? Do you have cages or carriers to transport them and keep them safe? Do you have someone to collect and look after your animals if you can’t get home?

{{ field.item }}
Anyone else who might need help?

Are there any friends, family or neighbours who might need your help to get through an emergency at home or to evacuate?

Useful contacts

If we can’t get home

Our meeting place
{{ data.meetingPlaceAddress }}
Where will you meet if you can’t contact each other and are separated when an emergency occurs? How will you get there?
Who will pick up the kids?

If we can’t get hold of each other

We will get updates by

If we are stuck at home

Do we have emergency supplies
{{ data.stuckAtHome.items }}
Do we know how to turn off water, power and gas?
{{ data.stuckAtHome.waterPowerGas }}

If we have no power

{{ data.noPower }}

If we have no water

{{ data.noWater }}

If we have to leave in a hurry

Do we have grab bags?
{{ data.grabBags }}
Where will we go?
{{ data.leaveInAHurry }}

Download PDF plan template

Do you prefer to hand write your emergency plan? Feel free to download and print the PDF paper version of the Make a Plan template, available in 24 languages.

Make a plan 172x172 pictogram

Download this PDF template to make a plan with your family/flatmates/friends to get through an emergency.

house-make-a-plan-en-jul19.pdf pdf 431 KB
house-make-a-plan-mi-sep19.pdf pdf 437 KB
Make a plan 172x172 pictogram

Download this form, available in 23 languages to make a plan with your family/flatmates/friends to get through an emergency.

house-make-a-plan-ar-sep19.pdf pdf 1.2 MB
house-make-a-plan-bi-sep19.pdf pdf 439 KB
house-make-a-plan-ci-sep19.pdf pdf 441 KB
house-make-a-plan-es-sep19.pdf pdf 449 KB
house-make-a-plan-fj-sep19.pdf pdf 431 KB
house-make-a-plan-gu-sep19.pdf pdf 448 KB
house-make-a-plan-hi-sep19.pdf pdf 448 KB
house-make-a-plan-ja-sep19.pdf pdf 506 KB
house-make-a-plan-ko-sep19.pdf pdf 494 KB
house-make-a-plan-mi-sep19.pdf pdf 437 KB
house-make-a-plan-my-sep19.pdf pdf 1.4 MB
house-make-a-plan-pa-sep19.pdf pdf 1 MB
house-make-a-plan-ru-sep19.pdf pdf 442 KB
house-make-a-plan-sm-sep19.pdf pdf 444 KB
house-make-a-plan-so-sep19.pdf pdf 441 KB
house-make-a-plan-ta-sep19.pdf pdf 439 KB
house-make-a-plan-th-sep19.pdf pdf 440 KB
house-make-a-plan-tl-sep19.pdf pdf 447 KB
house-make-a-plan-to-sep19.pdf pdf 450 KB
house-make-a-plan-ur-sep19.pdf pdf 451 KB
house-make-a-plan-vi-sep19.pdf pdf 436 KB
house-make-a-plan-zh-hans-sep19.pdf pdf 587 KB
house-make-a-plan-zh-hant-sep19.pdf pdf 624 KB