Help your friends, family and community get prepared for emergencies.

Get to know your neighbours

When you get to know your neighbours, you’re more likely to look out for each other, especially during and after an emergency, like a storm or a large earthquake.

Share contact details so you can get in touch if an emergency occurs.
Tell them about your emergency plan and ask about their plans.
Find out who can help you and who might need your help.

 Man giving his neighbour a large bottle of water

Join a Neighbourhood Support Group

Join or form a Neighbourhood Support Group so you and your neighbours can share skills and resources to help you get through in an emergency.

Neighbourhood Support Groups bring local people together to create safe, supportive and connected communities, working closely with Police and other community organisations.

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Join a Neighbourhood Support Group on the Neighbourhood Support website or call 0800 463 444.

Hold a Neighbours’ Day

Neighbours’ Day Aotearoa is held every March, to encourage neighbours to get to know each other. Whether you are an individual, a group or an organisation, if your neighbourhood consists of houses, flats, business or something else entirely, you can host an event tailored specifically to your neighbourhood.

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The Neighbour's Day Aotearoa website has a lot of resources to help you organise your Neighbour's Day event.

Develop a community response plan

A community response plan can help your community understand how you can help each other in an emergency.

Contact your local Civil Defence Emergency Management Group to see if there is already a community response plan for your area, or offer to help develop a plan for your community. They can work with you to identify strengths, resources, risks and solutions to help your community get through an emergency.

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The National Emergency Management Agency has information on finding your local Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Group.