(A family sits around the dinner table, passing food between them and chatting. The camera pans down the table to a girl at the end holding up a clipboard.)

Girl: Whakarongo! [Listen up!]

(The girl thumps down her clipboard and the family stop talking to listen. The family turn to look at her.)

Girl: Are we prepared for when a disaster strikes?

(The girl looks at her family and they look unsure.)

(Close up of the girl leaning over to her brother.)

Girl: If we were deep in the danger zone would you be ready?

(The brother shakes his head.)

(The girl paces at the end of the table.)

Girl: It doesn't take much but we do need a plan. Like who will pick us up from school if mum and dad can't?

(The dad shrugs.)

Dad: Uncle

[Music starts]

(Outside in the driveway, the girl and her uncle pulse to the music coming from the minivan behind them. They look at each other and nod.)

(Inside at the table, the girl checks off an item on her checklist.)

(Outside again with her uncle, the girl looks up as she realises something.)

[Music stops]

Girl: What about Mr. V from next door?

(The uncle points to the side and we pan over to see the family's neighbour walking down his driveway with his walker.)

[Music starts]

Uncle: 'Sup Mr. V

(The uncle and neighbour nod at each other.)

[Music stops]

(Back inside, the girl leans over her cousin.)

Girl: And what are you gonna do?

Cousin: I don't even live here.

[Music starts]

(The cousin leans away as the girl leans closer.)

(In a garage, the cousin stands by his two friends.)

Cousin: Hey guys, my cuz [cousin] says we need to make a plan.

[Music stops]

(The friends laugh at the cousin, but he clears his throat and the friends turn to see the girl in the doorway looking grumpy.)

[Music starts]

(The cousin and his friends smile and give the girl a thumbs up. A third friend appears and sits up from a weight bench to do the same.)

(Back inside, the girl paces at the end of the table.)

Girl: We've gotta look after each other.

(The girl points.)

Girl: Even Charles Barkley.

(A dog sits on the floor and tilts head with a whine.)

[Music stops]

(At the table, the mother taps the brother on the shoulder.)

[Music starts]

(All the family file out of the house past the girl. The brother is at the front with the dog in a baby carrier. The girl ticks her checklist as they file past.

Girl: Have your own prep talk so you and your whānau [family] know what to do in a disaster.

(The Civil Defence and New Zealand Government logos appear on the screen. As well as a clipboard that reads 'Have a prep talk getready.govt.nz'.)

Ko e laini matutaki ki Loto

Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, and often without warning. It is important to make emergency plans so you know what to do when an emergency happens.

Get together with your friends and whānau and make a plan.

Types of hazards | Ngā momo matepā

In New Zealand we have a lot of natural hazards. Find out what to do before, during and after each type of emergency.

Man looking at the Make a Plan page on Get Ready

Make a plan

Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, and often without warning. It is important to make emergency plans so you know what to do when an emergency happens.
Make a plan for your home, work, school, marae or community.

Primary school students doing Drop, Cover and Hold

Drop, Cover and Hold

Drop, Cover and Hold is the right action to take in an earthquake. It stops you being knocked over, makes you a smaller target, and protects your head, neck and vital organs.

A cartoon woman receiving Emergency Mobile Alert next to a dog floating

Emergency Mobile Alert

Emergency Mobile Alerts keep people safe. Alerts are broadcast to all capable phones from targeted cell towers.

Cartoon person in a wheelchair doing Lock, Cover and Hold

Advice for disabled people

If you have a disability or any requirements that may put you at greater risk in an emergency, find advice to get ready.

Find advice for disabled people

Own your zone

Search your home, work or school address to find out if it is in a tsunami evacuation zone.

Own Your Zone
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