Get ready in more languages! is now available in both Te Reo Māori and New Zealand Sign Language. Just select the language you want in the top right corner of the website to get started.

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Types of hazards | Ngā momo matepā

In New Zealand we have a lot of natural hazards. Find out what to do before, during and after each type of emergency.

Other hazards | Ētahi atu mōrearea

There are a number of different hazards in New Zealand. Find out about other hazards, and who is responsible for managing emergencies related to these hazards.

Find out about other hazards in New Zealand

Emergency Mobile Alert test 

The 2022 nationwide test of the Emergency Mobile Alert system is happening between 6-7pm on Sunday 22 May. Emergency Mobile Alerts are messages about emergencies sent by authorised emergency agencies to capable mobile phones. They are designed to keep people safe and are broadcast to all capable phones from targeted cell towers.

Learn more about Emergency Mobile Alert
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Stan the dog

What's the Plan, Stan?

What’s the Plan, Stan? is a resource to support schools, teachers and students to develop the knowledge and skills to prepare for emergency events.

Explore our resource for schools
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Get your community ready

Help your friends, family and community get prepared for emergencies. Get to know your neighbours and plan for an emergency with your community.

Find out how to get your community ready
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Get COVID-19 ready

With COVID-19 in our community, there are simple steps that we can take to slow the spread of the virus — protecting ourselves and others.

Find out how to get COVID-19 ready
Cartoon person in a wheelchair doing Lock, Cover and Hold

Advice for disabled people

If you have a disability or any requirements that may put you at greater risk in an emergency, find advice to get ready. See what steps you can take and find information in New Zealand Sign Language and audio format.

Find advice for disabled people

Make a plan | Whakaritea he mahere

Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, and often without warning. It is important to make emergency plans so you know what to do when an emergency happens.

Make a plan for your home, work, school, marae or community.

Make your emergency plans
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