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Drop, Cover and Hold in Bislama

Daonlodem mo printim ol posta ya long Bislama mo putum long wol long hom o skul o ples blong wok blong yu. Rimemba taem wan etkwek i kam, Nildaon, Haedem Hed, Holem Strong.

drop-cover-bed-pos-a4-bi-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-bed-stay-pos-a4-bi-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-cane-pos-a4-bi-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-cane-sit-pos-a4-bi-jan20.pdf pdf 951 KB
drop-cover-car-pos-a4-bi-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-car-shakes-pos-a4-bi-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a4-bi-aug19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-walker-pos-a4-bi-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-wheelchair-pos-a4-bi-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
Drop, Cover and Hold in Bislama

Download and share this factsheet in Bislama on what to do before, during and after an earthquake.

drop-cover-earthquake-happens-fact-bi-jan17.pdf pdf 115 KB