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Drop, Cover and Hold in Simplified Chinese


drop-cover-bed-pos-a4-zh-hans-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-bed-stay-pos-a4-zh-hans-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-cane-pos-a4-zh-hans-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-cane-sit-pos-a4-zh-hans-jan20.pdf pdf 972 KB
drop-cover-car-pos-a4-zh-hans-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-car-shakes-pos-a4-zh-hans-nov19.pdf pdf 1.4 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a4-zh-hans-aug19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-walker-pos-a4-zh-hans-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-wheelchair-pos-a4-zh-hans-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
Drop, Cover and Hold in Simplified Chinese

Download and share this factsheet in 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese) on what to do before, during and after an earthquake.

drop-cover-earthquake-happens-fact-zh-hans-jan17.pdf pdf 192 KB