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Download a helpful factsheet about tsunami. Available in multiple languages.

long-strong-earthquake-fact-ar-jan17.pdf pdf 149 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-bi-jan17.pdf pdf 105 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-ci-jan17.pdf pdf 102 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-en-dec16.pdf pdf 1.9 MB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-es-jan17.pdf pdf 103 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-fj-jan17.pdf pdf 98 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-gu-jan17.pdf pdf 157 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-hi-jan17.pdf pdf 199 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-ja-jan17.pdf pdf 131 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-ko-jan17.pdf pdf 134 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-mi-jan17.pdf pdf 104 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-my-jan17.pdf pdf 188 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-pa-jan17.pdf pdf 125 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-ru-jan17.pdf pdf 91 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-sm-jan17.pdf pdf 107 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-so-jan17.pdf pdf 94 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-ta-jan17.pdf pdf 170 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-th-jan17.pdf pdf 234 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-tl-jan17.pdf pdf 93 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-to-jan17.pdf pdf 116 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-ur-jan17.pdf pdf 143 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-vi-jan17.pdf pdf 175 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-zh-hans-jan17.pdf pdf 155 KB
long-strong-earthquake-fact-zh-hant-jan17.pdf pdf 172 KB