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Get Ready to ShakeOut

Teach students about earthquakes with this ShakeOut 2021 earthquake lesson plan.

shakeout-earthquake-lesson-plan-info-en-jul20.pdf pdf 596 KB
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Use this New Zealand ShakeOut audio announcement to start your earthquake drill. Play it through a speaker or PA so everyone knows the correct action to take.

shakeout-drill-day-audio-en-jul19.mp3 mp3 1.9 MB
Get Ready to ShakeOut

Download, print and share this ShakeOut poster in English to help promote New Zealand ShakeOut 2021.

shakeout-2021-pos-a4-en-mar21.pdf pdf 231 KB
Get Ready to ShakeOut

Download and share these social media images in English to help promote New Zealand ShakeOut 2021.

shakeout-cane-facebook-banner-3417x1500px-social-en-apr21.png png 160 KB
shakeout-cane-twitter-cover-6250x2083px-social-en-apr21.png png 272 KB
shakeout-facebook-banner-3417x1500px-social-en-mar21.png png 232 KB
shakeout-facebook-post-5000x2617px-social-en-mar21.png png 194 KB
shakeout-twitter-cover-6250x2083px-social-en-mar21.jpg jpg 637 KB
shakeout-twitter-post-5000x2813px-social-en-mar21.png png 483 KB
shakeout-walker-facebook-banner-3417x1500px-social-en-apr21.png png 166 KB
shakeout-walker-twitter-cover-6250x2083px-social-en-apr21.png png 283 KB
shakeout-wheelchair-facebook-banner-3417x1500px-social-en-apr21.png png 175 KB
shakeout-wheelchair-twitter-cover-6250x2083px-social-en-apr21.png png 299 KB
Get Ready to ShakeOut

Download and print our Kids as Teachers Challenge so kids can be the teachers at home and show their whānau how to get prepared. There are eight challenges for kids to complete with an adult.

shakeout-kids-challenge-activ-en-may21.pdf pdf 3.4 MB
Get Ready to ShakeOut

Say thanks to kids by giving them our New Zealand ShakeOut 2021 certificate.

ShakeOut-2021-Blank-Certificate-of-Participation.pdf pdf 140 KB
ShakeOut-2021-Generic-Certificate-of-Participation.pdf pdf 184 KB
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New Zealand ShakeOut 2021 is proudly co-sponsored by the Earthquake Commission (EQC).