If you are deaf or hard of hearing, plan for how an emergency might affect you. Find advice and videos in New Zealand Sign Language.

Make sure you have a way to find warnings, information and advice in an emergency

  • Radio and television stations will broadcast civil defence information and advice. Get your personal support network to alert you to any warnings and keep you informed. Contact your Civil Defence Emergency Management Group or council to find out what warning systems are in your community.
  • Give a neighbour or someone in your support network a key to your house so they can alert you.
  • Install a warning system that is appropriate to your needs. For example, an alarm with flashing strobe lights to get your attention. Replace the batteries every 12 months.
  • Put a writing pad, pencils and a torch with batteries in your grab bag so you can communicate with others.
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Civil Defence logo

Find your local Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Group.

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Deaf Aotearoa have services available for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

New Zealand Sign Language booklet to communicate with a Deaf person in an emergency 

I am Deaf, let's talk

Learn some New Zealand Sign Language that will help you communicate with a Deaf person in the event of an emergency.

New Zealand Sign Language videos

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Watch videos in New Zealand Sign Language on hazards and emergencies in New Zealand.