Registrations for the 2020 New Zealand ShakeOut have closed

We had an amazing ShakeOut this year with almost 681,000 people taking part!

Although the official ShakeOut is over for this year, you can still take the time to practise the correct action to take during an earthquake.

See you next year!

- The ShakeOut Team

Photograph of a man doing the Drop, Cover and Hold drill under his office desk

(Fun music starts playing with an unseen female narrator.)

We can't predict an earthquake, but we can be prepared by practicing what we do.

(A cartoon man with a moustache sits at a white wooden table with a crystal ball in front of a colourful background. He taps on the crystal ball before picking it up while standing. The man knocks over his chair as he stands.)

Wherever you are on New Zealand ShakeOut day, join the rest of the country and Drop, Cover and Hold for New Zealand Shakeout, our national earthquake drill.

(The screen zooms out to show two more cartoon characters; a businessman at a water cooler and a schoolgirl at a school-desk. When the narrator says “…drop…,” the screen focuses on the businessman as he drops to the floor with the word DROP above him. When the narrator says “…cover…,” the screen focuses on the schoolgirl under her desk, covering her head, with the word COVER above her.  When the narrator says “…hold…,” the man with the moustache is under his white table holding the table leg, causing him to drop his crystal ball which rolls away. When the narrator says “…for New Zealand ShakeOut, our national earthquake drill…,” the New Zealand ShakeOut logo is shown with the words NATIONAL EARTHQUAKE DRILL below.)

And if you're in a coastal area, practise your tsunami evacuation hīkoi too by heading inland or to higher ground.

(The screen shows a cartoon woman with a tiny dog waiting next to a bus stop and a street sign pointing up the hill to SUMMIT. A cartoon man with a surfboard runs past and up the hill while beckoning the woman to follow. The tiny dog runs after the man, comically dragging the woman with them.)

Sign up and find out all you need to know at

(Music continues… The screen shows the words, SIGN UP TODAY, the website URL, SHAKEOUT.GOVT.NZ, the New Zealand Shakeout logo, and the date and time of New Zealand ShakeOut day, 15th OCTOBER 2020, AT 9:30AM.  When the narrator says “……,” the website URL letters visibly shake like they are experiencing an earthquake.)

New Zealand ShakeOut – Sign up now

New Zealand ShakeOut is our national earthquake drill and tsunami hīkoi. Wherever you are during New Zealand ShakeOut, you can take part in the drill. Just Drop, Cover and Hold for up to one minute, and if you're in a coastal area, practise your tsunami hīkoi.