It's important to know the different ways you can stay informed during an emergency. 


If the power goes out, a solar or battery powered radio (or your car radio) can help you keep up to date with the latest news. In an emergency, tune to these stations:

Emergency Mobile Alert

Emergency Mobile Alert is a way of receiving information about emergencies in your area. If your life, health or property is in danger, Emergency Mobile Alerts can be sent to your mobile, without needing to sign up or download an app.

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For local updates, check your council’s website, as well as your local Civil Defence Emergency Management Group website and social media.

National updates will be available at the following: 

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The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management has information on finding your local Civil Defence Emergency Management Group.

Know your neighbours

In an emergency, you’ll be able to help each other while civil defence and emergency services are busy helping people who need them most. Get involved in your community and get to know your neighbours before an emergency happens.

Translated information about radio stations and who to contact

Get your household ready

It’s up to you to make sure your family, and the people you care about, know what to do and that you all have what you need to get through on your own. Follow these easy steps to get your household ready.