Understanding the impacts of an emergency can help you get through. Have a chat with the people in your household and work out what you’ll do in these situations.

Stuck at home

Two people looking out a window

Being at home may mean being without power and water or any way to get supplies for three days or more.

Do you have enough food and water? What about those who need medication? Do you have enough food and water for pets to get through too?

Get ready for if you're stuck at home

Can't get home

A road closed sign in front of a cracked road

In an emergency, public transport may not run, and roads and neighbourhoods may be blocked off.

If you can’t take your normal route home, how will you get there? Who will you go with? Where will you meet if your street is a no-go zone?

Get ready for if you can't get home

Have to evacuate

Adult with a grab bag walking with two children

Some houses, streets and neighbourhoods may not be safe to stay in and you may have to leave home in a hurry.

If your street is evacuated where will you go? What will you take? What about pets? Do your neighbours need your help?

Get ready to evacuate

No power

Plug not plugged into an extension cord

What would you do if the power was out for days? How would you see, cook, keep warm?

Power cuts could affect EFTPOS and ATM machines. Have some cash at home, or enough supplies to see you through three days or more.

Get ready for no power

No water

A kitchen tap

Imagine having no water for three days or more. How would you wash, cook, clean? What would you drink?

Water supplies could be affected in an emergency. Have a supply of stored water for three days or more.

Get ready for no water

No phone or internet

Phone with no internet connection

What will you do if the phone and internet lines go down? How will you keep in touch, arrange to meet up or keep up with news and weather alerts?

In most emergencies, it’s best to stay at home. Make your home your meeting place and have an alternative in case you can’t get there.

Get ready for no phone or internet

Get your household ready

It’s up to you to make sure your whānau know what to do and that you all have what you need to get through.