What would you do if the power was out for days? How will you see, cook, keep warm?

Power cuts could affect EFTPOS and ATM machines, so make sure you have some cash at home, or enough supplies to see you through three days or more.

Top tips

Light up

Your emergency supplies don’t have to be in a kit, but you might have to find them in the dark. Make sure everyone knows where the torches and batteries are.

Work out what supplies you need

Stay tuned in

Have a solar or battery powered radio so you can keep up with the latest news and alerts. Know which radio stations to tune in to for information during an emergency.

Find out how to stay informed

Stock up

Have a stock of food that doesn’t need to be cooked (canned is good) or something to cook your food on (gas barbecue or camp stove). Don’t forget food for babies and pets.

Fridge first

If the power goes out, eat the food from your fridge first, then your freezer. Then eat the food in the cupboard or your emergency kit.

Talk to your neighbours

Talk to your neighbours about what they’ll do if the power is out. You might find they have a gas barbecue and you have enough food and water to share (or the other way round).