In an emergency, public transport may not run, and roads and neighbourhoods may be blocked off.

If you can’t take your normal route home, how will you get there? Who will you go with? Where will you meet if your street is a no-go zone?

Top tips

Second meeting place

Agree on a meeting place if you can’t get home. It might be a school, a friend’s place or with whānau.

Travel together

If you work away from home, find workmates who live in your area. In an emergency you could travel together.

Pack a grab bag

Have a grab bag at work or in your car. It should have walking shoes, warm clothes, some snack food and a bottle of water. A torch, some batteries and a radio are useful too.

School pick up

Give your school or early childhood centre a list of three people who can pick the kids up if you can’t get there.

Talk about the impacts

Understanding the impacts of an emergency can help you get through. Have a chat with the people in your household and work out what you’ll do in these situations.