Emergency Mobile Alert

Emergency Mobile Alerts are messages about emergencies. They are sent by authorised emergency agencies to capable mobile phones. The alerts keep people safe and are broadcast to all capable phones from targeted cell towers.

The alerts are targeted to areas affected by serious hazards. They will only be sent when there is a serious threat to life, health or property, and, in some cases, for test purposes.

Emergency Mobile Alert Feedback

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Emergency Mobile Alert

How to get Emergency Mobile Alert

To get Emergency Mobile Alerts, you need a phone capable of receiving them. The phone also needs to have cell reception and up-to-date software. You don’t have to download an app or subscribe to a service.

  1. Check if your phone is on the list of capable phones.
  2. Update your phone’s operating system software.

Please refer to your phone manual or talk to your mobile operator if you need help updating your phone.

We expect half of New Zealand's phones will be able to receive the alerts. We expect this number to rise over time.

Can I opt out of Emergency Mobile Alert?

As Emergency Mobile Alert is about keeping you safe, you won’t be able to opt out of receiving Emergency Mobile Alerts.

We do not target specific phones, instead we broadcast to a targeted area that is at risk. For this reason, we are unable to exclude your specific phone.

Your phone may show optional settings used in other countries, but in New Zealand we use a special broadcast channel that is permanently on.

Emergency Mobile Alert

Read the Decision for Emergency Mobile Alert to remain a non-opt-out channel for more information.

ema-decision-statement-en-jul18.pdf pdf 316 KB

Past use of Emergency Mobile Alert

See when Emergency Mobile Alert has been used in New Zealand since it launched in 2017.

More information and resources

We’ve compiled helpful answers to frequently asked questions about Emergency Mobile Alert.

Watch this NZSL video for an overview of Emergency Mobile Alert.

Emergency Mobile Alert

Read the Director's Statement for Emergency Mobile Alert Device Standards. It defines the desired mobile device standards for emergency alerting in New Zealand.

ema-director-statement-en-may18.pdf pdf 849 KB
Emergency Mobile Alert

Download this factsheet in English explaining the Emergency Mobile Alert system.

ema-mobile-alert-fact-en-feb20.pdf pdf 98 KB
Emergency Mobile Alert

Download this factsheet in Te Reo Māori explaining the Emergency Mobile Alert system.

ema-mobile-alert-fact-mi-feb20.pdf pdf 81 KB
Emergency Mobile Alert

Download this factsheet explaining the Emergency Mobile Alert system. Available in multiple languages.