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Download and print these posters in English and put them up in your home, school or workplace. Remember if an earthquake is LONG or STRONG, GET GONE.

long-strong-earthquake-pos-a0-en-dec16.pdf pdf 3.1 MB
long-strong-earthquake-pos-a1-en-dec16.pdf pdf 1.6 MB
long-strong-earthquake-pos-a2-en-dec16.pdf pdf 902 KB
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Keeping everyone healthy and safe at work doesn’t necessarily mean buying expensive equipment and lots of paperwork. It does mean taking a proactive approach and getting everyone at work involved. logo square

Continuity and contingency planning is about being prepared for all types of disruptions, e.g. an earthquake, broken equipment or losing a supplier — and quickly getting back on your feet. Use the step-by-step guide to get your plan sorted. It’s vital to your business’s survival.

Sign up shakeout 172x172 image Jun19

ShakeOut is held across the world to remind people of the right action to take during an earthquake — Drop, Cover and Hold — and to practise a tsunami hīkoi (evacuation) if in a coastal area.

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Water supplies, including drinking water, could be affected in an emergency, so it is essential to have a supply of stored water. Find out more about storing water.

Remember DCH screenshot 300x213 thumb en Jul19

Drop, Cover and Hold is the right action to take in an earthquake. It stops you being knocked over, makes you a smaller target for falling and flying objects and protects your head, neck and vital organs. Watch this short video to find out more about Drop Cover and Hold.

Remember LSG scn 300x214 thumb Jul19

For a local source tsunami, which could arrive in minutes, there won’t be time for an official warning. It is important to recognise the natural warning signs and act quickly. Remember, Long or Strong, Get Gone.

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Emergency and disaster updates from the NZ Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (MCDEM). For info on preparing for disasters follow the
@NZGetThru Twitter channel.

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Official emergency information and advice on how to be better prepared for disasters in New Zealand. Find out and discuss how to prepare for an emergency, cope during an event, and recover quickly.

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In an emergency, you may be stuck at home for three days or more. Figure out what supplies you need and make a plan to work out what you need to get your family through.

ShakeOut 2019 Facebook Post Image in English

Use these social media images in English and te Reo Māori to help you promote New Zealand ShakeOut 2019.

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ShakeOut 2019 Campaign Poster thumb en Aug19

Download and print these posters in English and te Reo Māori and put them up in your home, school or workplace. Remember to sign up to New Zealand ShakeOut 2019.

shakeout-2019-pos-a0-en-jul19.pdf pdf 4.1 MB
shakeout-2019-pos-a0-mi-sep19.pdf pdf 4.2 MB
shakeout-2019-pos-a1-en-jul19.pdf pdf 2.5 MB
shakeout-2019-pos-a1-mi-sep19.pdf pdf 2.6 MB
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shakeout-2019-pos-a2-mi-sep19.pdf pdf 1.6 MB
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shakeout-2019-pos-a3-mi-sep19.pdf pdf 1.1 MB
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Arabic Drop Cover Hold Thumbnail

.قم بتحميل وطباعة هذه الملصقات باللغة العربية ووضعها في منزلك أو مدرستك أو مكان عملك
.تذكر عند حصول زلزال بأن تنخفض بوضع القرفصاء، وتتغطى بساتر وتتمسك وتنتظر

drop-cover-hold-pos-a0-ar-aug19.pdf pdf 8 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a1-ar-aug19.pdf pdf 8 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a2-ar-aug19.pdf pdf 1.1 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a3-ar-aug19.pdf pdf 2.5 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a4-ar-aug19.pdf pdf 1.4 MB
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Daonlodem mo printim ol posta ya long Bislama mo putum long wol long hom o skul o ples blong wok blong yu. Rimemba taem wan etkwek i kam, Nildaon, Haedem Hed, Holem Strong.

drop-cover-hold-pos-a0-bi-aug19.pdf pdf 6.9 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a1-bi-aug19.pdf pdf 6.9 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a2-bi-aug19.pdf pdf 6.9 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a3-bi-aug19.pdf pdf 2.3 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a4-bi-aug19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
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ျမန္မာ လုိေရးထားတဲ႔ ဒီပုိစတာေတြကုိ ေဒါင္းလုတ္ လုပ္၊ မိတၲဴထုပ္ျပီး သင္႔အိမ္၊ သင္႔ေက်ာင္း သုိ႔မဟုတ္ သင္႔ ရံုး၊ အလုပ္၊ ဌာနတုိ႔မွာ ေႀကာ္ျငာေပးပါ။ ငလွ်င္တစ္ခု ျဖစ္လာရင္ ၀တ္ခ်၊ ငံု႔ခ်၊ အကာအကြယ္ယူ၊ ျမဲျမဲကုိင္ထားဘုိ႔ သတိရပါ။

Chinese Simplified Drop Cover Hold Thumbnail


drop-cover-hold-pos-a0-zh-hans-aug19.pdf pdf 6.9 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a1-zh-hans-aug19.pdf pdf 6.9 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a2-zh-hans-aug19.pdf pdf 6.9 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a3-zh-hans-aug19.pdf pdf 2.3 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a4-zh-hans-aug19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
Chinese Traditional Drop Cover Hold Thumbnail


drop-cover-hold-pos-a0-zh-hant-aug19.pdf pdf 7 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a1-zh-hant-aug19.pdf pdf 7 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a2-zh-hant-aug19.pdf pdf 7 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a3-zh-hant-aug19.pdf pdf 2.3 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a4-zh-hant-aug19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
Cook Island Maori Drop Cover Hold Thumbnail

Akapae‘ia mai ma te nene‘i i teia au posters ki roto i te reo Maori Kuki Airani ma te tuku atu i tē reira au mea ki runga i tēta‘i ngā‘i i roto i tō‘ou ngutu‘are, i te āpi‘i, mē kore ra, i te ngā‘i anga‘anga. Kia ma‘ara i te Akatopa Ki Raro, i te Tāpoki ē te Mou, i te tuātau ō te ngāruerue-enua.

Fijian Drop Cover Hold Thumbnail

Lavetaka ka tabaka na veitukutuku oqo ena vosa vaka-Viti ka biuti ira ena loma ni nomu vale, koronivuli se vanua ni cakacaka. Nanuma mo Tekiduru ka Cuva, Taqomaki Iko ka Tautauri Matua ena gauna ni uneune.

Gujarati Drop Cover Hold Thumbnail

આ પોસ્ટરોને ડાઉનલૉડ કરો અને ગુજરાતીમાં તેની પ્રિન્ટ કાઢી તેને આપના ઘરે, શાળા અથવા કામના સ્થળે રાખો. ભૂકંપ વખતે નીચે પડવાનું, કવર કરવાનું અને પકડી રાખવાનું યાદ રાખો.

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