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A collection of school journal stories for teaching volcanoes.

“A Bit of a Bang” by David Hill. School Journal, Part 4, No. 3, 2004.
“Understanding Volcanoes” by Tessa Duder. Connected 1, 2011.

Emergency Mobile Alert

Read the Director's Statement for Emergency Mobile Alert Device Standards. It defines the desired mobile device standards for emergency alerting in New Zealand.

ema-director-statement-en-may18.pdf pdf 849 KB
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Find official emergency information and advice on how to be better prepared for disasters in New Zealand. Find out and discuss how to prepare for an emergency, cope during an event, and recover quickly.

Read this story about volcanic eruptions in English and te reo Māori.

volcano-story-en-may09.pdf pdf 300 KB
volcano-story-mi-jun08.pdf pdf 486 KB

In an emergency, you may be stuck at home for three days or more. Your house is already full of emergency items disguised as everyday things. Figure out what supplies you need and make a plan to get through.

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Find information about influenza pandemics on the Ministry of Health website.

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Find information about fire safety on the Fire and Emergency New Zealand website.

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A collection of school journal stories for teaching tsunami.

“The Race” by Rose Quilter. School Journal, Part 3, No. 1, 2011.
“The Strength of Roots” by Marisa Maepu. School Journal, Level 4, March 2012.

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Find information on criminal acts and terrorism on the New Zealand Police website.

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Find your local Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Group.

Drop, Cover and Hold in Arabic

.قم بتحميل وطباعة هذه الملصقات باللغة العربية ووضعها في منزلك أو مدرستك أو مكان عملك
.تذكر عند حصول زلزال بأن تنخفض بوضع القرفصاء، وتتغطى بساتر وتتمسك وتنتظر

drop-cover-bed-pos-a4-ar-nov19.pdf pdf 1.2 MB
drop-cover-bed-stay-pos-a4-ar-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-cane-pos-a4-ar-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-cane-sit-pos-a4-ar-jan20.pdf pdf 869 KB
drop-cover-car-pos-a4-ar-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-car-shakes-pos-a4-ar-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a4-ar-aug19.pdf pdf 1.4 MB
drop-cover-walker-pos-a4-ar-nov19.pdf pdf 1.2 MB
drop-cover-wheelchair-pos-a4-ar-nov19.pdf pdf 1.2 MB
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Find out more about the National Emergency Management Agency.

Drop, Cover and Hold in Bislama

Daonlodem mo printim ol posta ya long Bislama mo putum long wol long hom o skul o ples blong wok blong yu. Rimemba taem wan etkwek i kam, Nildaon, Haedem Hed, Holem Strong.

drop-cover-bed-pos-a4-bi-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-bed-stay-pos-a4-bi-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-cane-pos-a4-bi-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-cane-sit-pos-a4-bi-jan20.pdf pdf 951 KB
drop-cover-car-pos-a4-bi-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-car-shakes-pos-a4-bi-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a4-bi-aug19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-walker-pos-a4-bi-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-wheelchair-pos-a4-bi-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB

Read this story about floods in English and te reo Māori.

flood-story-en-may09.pdf pdf 316 KB
flood-story-mi-feb18.pdf pdf 557 KB
 Drop, Cover and Hold in Burmese

ျမန္မာ လုိေရးထားတဲ႔ ဒီပုိစတာေတြကုိ ေဒါင္းလုတ္ လုပ္၊ မိတၲဴထုပ္ျပီး သင္႔အိမ္၊ သင္႔ေက်ာင္း သုိ႔မဟုတ္ သင္႔ ရံုး၊ အလုပ္၊ ဌာနတုိ႔မွာ ေႀကာ္ျငာေပးပါ။ ငလွ်င္တစ္ခု ျဖစ္လာရင္ ၀တ္ခ်၊ ငံု႔ခ်၊ အကာအကြယ္ယူ၊ ျမဲျမဲကုိင္ထားဘုိ႔ သတိရပါ။

drop-cover-bed-pos-a4-my-nov19.pdf pdf 1.4 MB
drop-cover-bed-stay-pos-a4-my-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-cane-pos-a4-my-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-cane-sit-pos-a4-my-jan20.pdf pdf 977 KB
drop-cover-car-pos-a4-my-nov19.pdf pdf 1.4 MB
drop-cover-car-shakes-pos-a4-my-nov19.pdf pdf 1.4 MB
drop-cover-walker-pos-a4-my-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-wheelchair-pos-a4-my-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
WorkSafe New Zealand logo

Find information on working safely on roofs on the WorkSafe website.

Drop, Cover and Hold in Simplified Chinese


drop-cover-bed-pos-a4-zh-hans-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-bed-stay-pos-a4-zh-hans-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-cane-pos-a4-zh-hans-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-cane-sit-pos-a4-zh-hans-jan20.pdf pdf 972 KB
drop-cover-car-pos-a4-zh-hans-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-car-shakes-pos-a4-zh-hans-nov19.pdf pdf 1.4 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a4-zh-hans-aug19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-walker-pos-a4-zh-hans-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-wheelchair-pos-a4-zh-hans-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
Drop, Cover and Hold in Traditional Chinese


drop-cover-bed-pos-a4-zh-hant-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-bed-stay-pos-a4-zh-hant-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-cane-pos-a4-zh-hant-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-cane-sit-pos-a4-zh-hant-jan20.pdf pdf 990 KB
drop-cover-car-pos-a4-zh-hant-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-car-shakes-pos-a4-zh-hant-nov19.pdf pdf 1.4 MB
drop-cover-hold-pos-a4-zh-hant-aug19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-walker-pos-a4-zh-hant-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB
drop-cover-wheelchair-pos-a4-zh-hant-nov19.pdf pdf 1.3 MB

Read this story about storms in English and te reo Māori.

storm-story-en-may09.pdf pdf 240 KB
storm-story-mi-jun08.pdf pdf 587 KB

Find information on how to clean up ash on the United States Geological Survey (USGS) website.

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