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In this interactive game, students can build their own hurricane. As they do so, they’ll learn what kinds of wind conditions, latitude, and sea temperature are favourable for a hurricane to be born.


Learnz provides virtual field trips. In this field trip you will learn from experts what caused the Canterbury Earthquakes.

Learn more about storms through our In an emergency section and through What's the Plan Stan?.

A resource designed to help students develop an understanding about earthquakes in New Zealand, including why we get them and how we measure them.

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Earthquake-related articles, activities, events and cool jobs from STEM-Works.

Learn more about tsunami through our In an emergency section and through What's the Plan Stan?.

In this activity, students use data on historical earthquakes to identify when and where they occurred and make predictions about future earthquakes.

This video explains how volcanoes are formed and erupt.

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Tsunami 101 is part of a series of natural disaster videos produced by National Geographic.

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Auckland Museum has information about Auckland's volcanoes.

Search the Get Ready website for information and resources.

A useful site with animations showing the movement of tsunami waves.

Learn more about volcanoes through our In an emergency section and through What's the Plan Stan?.

Find resources to help you and others prepare for an emergency.

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Watch this video from GNS Science explaining how tsunami are formed and the damage they can cause.

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Sketchfab allows students to create interactive 3D maps, which can be used to model emergency events.

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A New Zealand perspective on tsunami from Te Ara, the Encyclopedia of New Zealand.

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This New Zealand ShakeOut audio announcement can be used to facilitate your Drop Cover and Hold earthquake drill. Play it through a speaker or PA so everyone knows the correct action to take.

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Visit GeoNet to view the volcano cameras and see current volcanic unrest in New Zealand.

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