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Make a plan online with your family/flatmates/friends to get through an emergency. Think about the things you need every day and work out what you would do if you didn’t have them.

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Join a Neighbourhood Support Group on the Neighbourhood Support website or call 0800 463 444.

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Find instructions for updating your Samsung phone on the Samsung NZ website.

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The Neighbour's Day Aotearoa website has a lot of resources to help you organise your Neighbour's Day event.

Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities has been designed to help people who have physical, visual, auditory or cognitive disabilities to prepare for natural disasters.

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Listen to these audio clips in English about how to get prepared for an emergency.

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school-audio-en-oct19.wav wav 2.3 MB
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Find information about tsunamis that have reached the coastline of New Zealand since humans arrived in this land until the present day. The database is the work of historical seismologist Gaye Downes of GNS Science who collected reports of tsunamis around New Zealand and, in many cases, carried out research to determine parameters of the source, travel time and impact associated with each event.

Follow the Shut Happens action task list to create contingency plans for your business.

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The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has advice for preparing a plan for your animals in an emergency, including checklists for different types of animals and different emergencies. Work through the checklists to develop your plan.

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Listen to these audio clips in (Farsi) فارسی about how to get prepared for an emergency.

earthquake-audio-fa-oct19.wav wav 4.1 MB
evacuation-audio-fa-oct19.wav wav 5.4 MB
neighbours-audio-fa-oct19.wav wav 3.1 MB
school-audio-fa-oct19.wav wav 4.2 MB
tsunami-audio-fa-oct19.wav wav 3.8 MB
water-audio-fa-oct19.wav wav 4.1 MB
why-prepare-audio-fa-oct19.wav wav 2.9 MB
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Te Hīkoi a Rūaumoko | Rūaumoko's Walk is a bi-lingual children’s book based on Kahungunu legends and dialect telling the story of what to do in an earthquake with a subsequent tsunami threat. Find Te Hīkoi a Rūaumoko | Rūaumoko's Walk on the Hawke’s Bay Emergency Management website.

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Listen to these audio clips in हिन्दी (Hindi) about how to get prepared for an emergency.

earthquake-audio-hi-oct19.wav wav 4.4 MB
evacuation-audio-hi-oct19.wav wav 5.6 MB
neighbours-audio-hi-oct19.wav wav 3.4 MB
school-audio-hi-oct19.wav wav 4.2 MB
tsunami-audio-hi-oct19.wav wav 3.9 MB
water-audio-hi-oct19.wav wav 5.2 MB
why-prepare-audio-hi-oct19.wav wav 2.6 MB
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Listen to these audio clips in 日本語 (Japanese) about how to get prepared for an emergency.

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neighbours-audio-ja-oct19.wav wav 5.7 MB
school-audio-ja-oct19.wav wav 8.2 MB
tsunami-audio-ja-oct19.wav wav 6 MB
water-audio-ja-oct19.wav wav 9.3 MB
why-prepare-audio-ja-oct19.wav wav 7 MB
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For more information, visit The New Zealand Earthquake Commission website.

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Thinking Maps is a digital tool for students to visualise their thinking and to think about what emergencies look like.

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Listen to these audio clips in 한국어 (Korean) about how to get prepared for an emergency.

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evacuation-audio-ko-oct19.wav wav 4.7 MB
neighbours-audio-ko-oct19.wav wav 3.7 MB
school-audio-ko-oct19.wav wav 4.3 MB
tsunami-audio-ko-oct19.wav wav 3.6 MB
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why-prepare-audio-ko-oct19.wav wav 2.9 MB
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Find stories about historic emergencies and Māori tradition from Te Ara, the Encyclopedia of New Zealand.

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Listen to these audio clips in 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese) about how to get prepared for an emergency.

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evacuation-audio-zh-hans-oct19.wav wav 4.4 MB
neighbours-audio-zh-hans-oct19.wav wav 2.8 MB
school-audio-zh-hans-oct19.wav wav 3.8 MB
tsunami-audio-zh-hans-oct19.wav wav 3.3 MB
water-audio-zh-hans-oct19.wav wav 3.9 MB
why-prepare-audio-zh-hans-oct19.wav wav 2.7 MB
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Visit the New Zealand Curriculum website for more information on the New Zealand Curriculum.

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The Earthquake Commission (EQC) has developed resources to help students and teachers learn more about the science of earthquakes.

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