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Keep up to date with MetService weather forecasts.

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View current weather warnings on the MetService website.

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In a disaster, you may not be able to use your normal toilet if sewerage lines are broken or damaged. The Wellington Region Civil Defence Emergency Management Group has information on how to make and use an emergency toilet.

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The New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) has information on traffic and travel to help you plan your route.

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Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand have services available to assist deaf and hearing impaired people.

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During an emergency normal daily life is disrupted and in some cases people may need to leave their homes. This can be particularly difficult for mothers and people caring for babies. The Ministry of Health has guidelines on feeding your baby in an emergency for both breastfed and formula-fed babies.

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Children have their own ways of dealing with trauma according to their stage of development. The Ministry of Health has guidelines on helping children deal with trauma.

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Read the Decision for Emergency Mobile Alert to remain a non-opt-out channel for more information.

ema-decision-statement-en-jul18.pdf pdf 316 KB
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Give us feedback about Emergency Mobile Alert. Information collected in this survey is used to make ongoing improvements to the alerting platform, which is used to keep people in New Zealand safe.

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Find out more about the tsunami hīkoi on the East Coast LAB website.

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Join a Neighbourhood Support Group on the Neighbourhood Support website or call 0800 463 444.

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The Neighbour's Day Aotearoa website has a lot of resources to help you organise your Neighbour's Day event.

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Te Hīkoi a Rūaumoko | Rūaumoko's Walk is a bi-lingual children’s book based on Kahungunu legends and dialect telling the story of what to do in an earthquake with a subsequent tsunami threat. Find Te Hīkoi a Rūaumoko | Rūaumoko's Walk on the Hawke’s Bay Emergency Management website.

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For more information, visit The New Zealand Earthquake Commission website.

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Find more information about preparing for and dealing with emergencies and traumatic incidents on the Ministry of Education website.

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Visit the New Zealand Curriculum website for more information on the New Zealand Curriculum.

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Floods 101 is part of a series of natural disaster videos produced by National Geographic.

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A map of a local area allows the user to adjust floodwaters to show how much of the land could end up under sea level.

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STEM-Works have a series of learning experiences that focus on floods and tsunami.

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A New Zealand perspective on floods from Te Ara, the Encyclopedia of New Zealand.

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