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marae preparedness 400x400 thumbnail Jul19

This toolkit is designed to help marae be as prepared as possible in the event of a natural disaster or emergency.

shakeout colouring thumb en Jul19

Download and print the New Zealand ShakeOut colouring pages for kids.

shakeout-colouring-activ-en-jan12.pdf pdf 6.6 MB
Make a plan 172x172 pictogram

Make a plan online with your family/flatmates/friends to get through an emergency. Think about the things you need every day and work out what you would do if you didn’t have them.

samsung 267x200px thumbnail

Find instructions for updating your Samsung phone on the Samsung NZ website.

disaster preparedness for people with disabilities 300x379 thumb en Jul19

Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities has been designed to help people who have physical, visual, auditory or cognitive disabilities to prepare for natural disasters.

2019 ShakeOut Online Banner 300x250

Download web banners to help us promote the 2019 New Zealand ShakeOut and tsunami hīkoi.

2019-Shake-Out-Online-Banners-300x250-static-image-en-Jul19.png png 24 KB
2019-ShakeOut-Online-Banner-160x600-static-en-Jul19.png png 21 KB
How to shakeout 172x172 image Jun19

Download this form to make a plan with your family/flatmates/friends to get through an emergency.

Make-a-plan-doc-en-Jul19.pdf pdf 434 KB
thinking maps 225x225px thumbnail

Thinking Maps is a digital tool for students to visualise their thinking and to think about what emergencies look like.

te ara 200x251 thumbnail

Find stories about historic emergencies and Māori tradition from Te Ara, the Encyclopedia of New Zealand.

EQC logo square 400x400 image en 2019

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) has developed resources to help students and teachers learn more about the science of earthquakes.

gns 225x224px thumbnail

GNS Science has a video explaining basic tectonic plate movement.

Hazard Earthquake 172x172 pictogram

Learn more about earthquakes through our In an emergency section and through What's the Plan Stan?.

egfi 249x200px thumbnail

Students can learn how to build an earthquake-proof structure.

science kids 263x192 thumbnail

Science Kids has a factsheet for kids giving a factual overview of floods.

afp 357x200px thumbnail

AFP has a video explaining floods and the damage they can cause.

Hazard Flood 172x172 pictogram

Learn more about floods through our In an emergency section and through What's the Plan Stan?.

onegeology 362x200px thumbnail

One Geology Kids, has a pages containing landslide information for students.

Hazard Landslide 172x172 pictogram

Use one of the experiments shown in this video to look at different kinds of erosion and landslides.

scientific american 522x200px thumbnail

This experiment from Scientific American uses physics to explain land movement.

Hazard Landslide 172x172 pictogram

Learn more about landslides through our In an emergency section and through What's the Plan Stan?.

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