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Ministry for Primary Industries logo

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has advice for preparing a plan for your animals in an emergency, including checklists for different types of animals and different emergencies. Work through the checklists to develop your plan.

Follow the Shut Happens action task list to create contingency plans for your business.

Survey results for the 2018 and 2019 nationwide tests of Emergency Mobile Alert.

ema-2018-nationwide-test-survey-en-feb19.pdf pdf 2.3 MB
ema-2019-nationwide-test-survey-en-feb20.pdf pdf 4.6 MB logo has a guide on what to include in your emergency planning, including identifying risks, developing emergency procedures, insurance cover and contacting and supporting staff.

Ministry of Education logo

The Ministry of Education has advice for schools and early childhood education centres on preparing for and dealing with emergencies

Turtle Safe is an educational DVD developed specifically to teach preschool children what to do if they are inside or outdoors when an earthquake occurs.

turtle-audio-en-jan11.mp3 mp3 451 KB
wtps-turtle-safe-lyrics-med-peri-en-may11.pdf pdf 510 KB

Kia Takatū is a te reo Māori resource for years 1–8, containing teaching material, templates and stories to teach children about emergencies.

wtps-kia-takatu-info-mi-dec16.pdf pdf 1.8 MB

These downloadable emergency stories are in te reo Māori and are suitable for all levels.

earthquake-story-mi-jun08.pdf pdf 489 KB
flood-story-mi-feb18.pdf pdf 557 KB
storm-story-mi-jun08.pdf pdf 587 KB
tsunami-story-mi-jun08.pdf pdf 568 KB
volcano-story-mi-jun08.pdf pdf 486 KB
wharangi-meka-parekura-info-mi-jun08.pdf pdf 452 KB

Resilient Organisations has advice for looking after staff after an emergency, called Staffed or Stuffed.

Watch this slide presentation that focuses on researching a historic tsunami in Henderson Bay in Northland.

Earthquake Commission logo

Visit the Earthquake Commission's website for more information on making your home safer.

This personal workplace emergency plan will help you plan for an emergency during working hours.

personal-workplace-emergency-plan-en-nov20.docx docx 181 KB
personal-workplace-emergency-plan-en-nov20.pdf pdf 221 KB
Emergency Mobile Alert

Download this factsheet in English explaining the Emergency Mobile Alert system.

ema-mobile-alert-fact-en-feb20.pdf pdf 98 KB
Get Ready Get Thru logo

Find information in عربي (Arabic) on what to do before, during and after an earthquake on Get Ready, Get Thru.

Search the Get Ready website for information and resources.

Find resources to help you and others prepare for an emergency.

We’ve compiled helpful answers to frequently asked questions about Emergency Mobile Alert.

This NZSL video gives an overview of Emergency Mobile Alert.

Emergency Mobile Alert

The Director's Statement for Emergency Mobile Alert Device Standards defines desired mobile device standards for emergency alerting in New Zealand.

ema-director-statement-en-may18.pdf pdf 849 KB
Ministry of Health logo

A pandemic is an epidemic that becomes very widespread and affects a whole region, a continent or the world. Information about pandemics is available on the Ministry of Health website.

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